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Oregon Coast Artisans

Featured Artisans: Bandon Designs offers licensed construction services, and also works with area artists who create original works of art- we can build your house and help design amazing spaces.


     ​​Bandon Designs works with other area artists to maintain a strong, regionally identifiable and sustainable artisan market. Among the artists we have worked with are, the late Philip Clausen, renowned for his functional art masterpieces, and Brian Vorwaller, an award winning carver, both recently featured in a German documentary about the Oregon Coast, and some of the people living there who have a special connection to the sea.

Oregon wood sculptor, Philip Clausen (L), at Whiskey Run Beach, near Bandon, Oregon, filmed September 2013 by Germanfilmmaker Henning Rütten (2nd from R) for a documentary for MareTV. Included in photo are Jörg Hammermeister, camera, and Stefan Tuchel, sound. Photo courtesy of Zada Vorwaller.

Bandon resident, Brian Vorwaller, carves a wood scupture at the 2013 Bandon Cranberry Festival. Photo Courtesy Zada Vorwaller.

For our German visitors (thanks to the documentary): Um unsere neuen deutschen Freunde: Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch auf unserer Website. Senden Sie uns Ihre Anfrage mit dem Formular unten!

Click HERE to read Amy Kreitzer's article in Bandon Western World.
Click HERE to view or download the documentary now!

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