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Philip Clausen:   Oregon wood sculpting legend, widely known for his singular works of art, some of immense proportions. Clausen was born and raised in Coos County, located along the Southern Oregon coast, in the same Coquille River Valley area his Danish ancestors settled in the 1800s. His woodworking vocation is a family legacy, skills learned through his father and grandfather. That foundation informs his work which, combined with his appreciation of items from natural places, has evolved to reflect a very discerning awareness of his chosen media. Clausen's unique and heralded woodcarving approach results in original and strikingly beautiful sculptures.
      Clausen sources his wood locally, utilizing a number of regional woods, such as the Myrtlewood for which the Bandon area is so famous. Clausen traverses the coastal Oregon forests, beaches and rivers, locating and salvaging enormous, ancient tree trunks. On his expeditions, he is accompanied by the hardy crews  required to move the often submerged and/or buried specimens, a monumental task requiring heavy machinery to load them, which they then haul back to Clausen's Riverton woodshop. Then, the real work begins!


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Watch this Oregon Public Broadcasting "Art Beat" interview.​

Flashback to 1979 and watch this video by Bill Bradbury for "Local Color"

     Getting to really know the characteristics of the wood is a crucial step in Clausen's artistic process. He takes his time, observing the inherent qualities of the wood from these trees that once lived for hundreds of years. He waits until he feels he understands the best approach for highlighting the intrinsic beauty of their majestic form, sculpting creations of astonishingly beautiful, heirloom quality, functional art.​
     Clausen's mushroom lamps are among his signature pieces, from the large to the gigantic, these don't even have to be turned on to make any setting shine. His single piece tables and chairs have a warm and inviting quality, works of art meant o be used: comfortable chairs and spectacular thrones; gigantic tables ready for one- or twenty- to pull up a chair and let the feasting and fun begin.


     Clausen's highly praised work has been exhibited at numerous juried art shows, featured in museum showings, news articles, texts, and his work is displayed in many area homes, offices, restaurants, city and county buildings and other establishments.
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Woodcarving Legend

of ​Oregon!

Rest in Peace, Philip Clausen.


Thank you for adding a touch  of the


Beautiful and Whimsical to the World.


     Philip Clausen passed away October 15, 2014,  age 88, due a to house fire, which also destroyed his workshop and numerous works of art.

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  Bandon Western World article.

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