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Bandon Artisans Filmed for Oregon Coast Documentary: German filmmaker, Henning Rütten, recently visited the Pacific Northwest to film a documentary about the Oregon coast for Mare TV. Bandon Designs Featured Artisans, Philip Clausen and Brian Vorwaller are featured in the film.

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Henning Rutten Oregon Coast Documentary

Oregon wood sculptor, Philip Clausen (L), at Whiskey Run Beach, near Bandon, Oregon, filmed September 2013 by German filmmaker Henning Rütten (2nd from R) for a documentary for Mare TV. Included in photo are Jörg Hammermeister, camera, and Stefan Tuchel, sound. Photo courtesy of Zada Vorwaller.

Filling the Void with Citizen Sourced Science: Together, we can help the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and its Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity in their quest to fill the void regarding monitoring radiation levels along the Pacific Coast.
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you can help monitor the Pacific Ocean at Bandon!
Help Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Monitor the Pacific Coast!
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about the filming of the documentary.
Click HERE to read Amy Kreitzer's article in Bandon Western World.
Click HERE to view or download the documentary now!

Great News!

The Results for the

Bandon Sample are In!

     Click HERE to see the results (interactive map, just click the purple balloon marker for Bandon).
     While on the CMER website, look for more articles about current Pacific Ocean radiation sample results.


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